What Is Norigynon Contraceptive Injection

A modern method of birth-spacing for women, given as an injection which protects from pregnancy for one month.

How does the injectable work?
Pregnancy occurs when a woman’s egg (ovum) and a man’s sperm meet. Norigynon contraceptive injection stops the egg from forming in the ovary (egg sac) and also stops sperm from entering the uterus (womb).

What are the benefits of Norigynon?

  • Reliable used by millions of women throughout the world.
  • One of the most reliable methods. 99.7% effective.
  • Easy to use. Used every months.

Are there any side effects from Norigynon?

Almost all women have some changes in their monthly period, but this is not harmful. The changes are:

  • Some first time users may have slightly irregular bleeding between monthly periods or may have longer periods. This will usually go away with continued use.
  • After 2 or 3 injections; many women do not get their monthly periods. This does not affect the body’s health and does not mean that bad blood is building up in the body. In fact it protects from anemia.
  • Some women may experience some slight weight gain.

If I use Norigynon when can I get pregnant?

Norigynon contraceptive Injection will protect you for pregnancy for 1 month. When you desire to get pregnant again, stop getting the injection. On average women can get pregnant within three to four months after the last injections.

Can I use Norigynon if I am breest feeding?

Yes 6 weeks after delivery of the baby.


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